eat like a pro in buenos aires. 

Tailor Made Food Tour

Devour Buenos Aires creates 100% custom made tours that allows guests a rare behind the scenes look at the Buenos Aires food and drink scene. The planning begins with a questionnaire that will define the experience each individual group is looking for which is combined with the knowledge and address book of an experienced local food expert, journalist and cook.

Tours are all private in order to create an intimate and relaxed experience. Every tour is approximately 3 to 4 hours in duration, and the cost includes all food consumed during the tour. We work with everyone from old school off the beaten track restaurants to cutting edge modern eateries and businesses. 

The tour may include a combination of:

  • tastings at bars or restaurants
  • behind the scenes visits with chefs or food and drink producers made exclusive to our clients
  • private classes or meals with local chefs 
Customized Food Guide

Prefer to eat your way across the city solo? Not a problem. Let us know exactly what you are looking for on your culinary journey across Buenos Aires and we will provide you with a completely personalized guide to the city's best bars, restaurants, and cafes. 

Your guide will include: 

  • Food and drink recommendations based on the food preferences and interests you indicate to us, tailor made to fit your traveling style, budget and schedule
  • Insider information about secret bars and restaurants, cooking classes, wine tastings, food events, and the best shops to take home some delicious souvenirs
  • Recommendations that include everything from a fancy night out, an authentic parrilla and simple places to grab a quick lunch or coffee
  • Descriptions of each recommendation including suggestions of what to order 
  • A map which includes address and hours of each suggested location